This summer has been particularly hot…especially inside our studio…SASSY HOT!

We are thrilled to announce our June drawing winner…Congratulations Leah Z!

Leah wins one month of free classes. She has been hanging around in our Monday Aerial Yoga class since February and has  grown in both strength and confidence. Above is her favorite pose: the Vampire or Shoulder Stand. She hates to miss class and is looking forward to trying Abs and Booty next. 

During July and August our UNLIMITED memberships are half price and we are having a Kinesiology Workshop on July 17 and our Student Showcase on August 21. Our students and instructors are working hard on their showcase routines and some of them plan to take them to Chicago for the PSO Great Lakes competition in November. ROAD TRIP!!

You don’t have to compete to feel comfortable at Carousel. We welcome sassy ladies of all skill levels and trust that you will feel at home in our little community. 

Love to All My Beautiful Babes,

–Lady K

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”
Coco Chanel