Not all our instructors are active every month, and we probably have a few that haven’t yet made it onto this page, but here are a few for you to meet. Names may have been changed regardless of levels of innocence.

Lady K
Shellie Love

Breezy Lee…will blow you away as she fills your sails.

Emmy…is always up to something new and will take your game to the next level.

Jessikay…is a teacher at heart who will nurture you as you learn new skills.

Kelsey…is sexy and flexy and has a silk appeal that will make your head spin.

Lady K…is a licensed physical therapist who will ensure your workout will be fitted to you.

Mary…will kick your booty and make your abs weep.

Miki…loves all things pole and has more than a few tricks up her sleeve…lessness.

Nancy May…took the fast track from student to instructor and wants to accelerate you too.

Shellie Love…will take your yoga practice higher.