We are not alone! There are many pole dancing and pole sport sites, not to mention other helpful sites. Enjoy these:

Carousel Pole’s MindBody site, where you will want to pre-register for classes

Carousel Pole’s Facebook home, where you can keep up on the latest

Carousel Pole’s Instagram page, where you can check out our some pictures and videos (and please tag yours of us with #CarouselPole)

Carousel Pole’s YouTube channel has all our public videos, although we might blog about the latest as they become available

Carousel Pole Fitness on PeerFit, where you can use your personal or employer credits for our classes

Pole Sport Organization hosts competitions for our instructors and students

Pole and Performing Art (PPA) is a greater Twin Cities pole and related events organizer

123poling has great instructional videos

X-POLE is the maker of our new poles

Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce is a great resource for our residents and visitors