Your privacy is of great concern to us. We rely on the privacy of our software vendor, MindBody, to protect your data.

Posts on this web site may be traceable back to you and are not intended to be maintained as private.

Videos and Photography

Not everyone wants the world to know they’ve been working out at a pole dancing studio. We get that, we respect it, and we ask all our clients to be considerate of it.

Others want to share everything with the world. We get that too…and we appreciate being tagged! #CarouselPole 🙂

Because both types are often in the same space at the same time, we request that everyone respect each other’s privacy…keeping your phones put away during all classes, workshops and parties. Time may be given at the end of classes for you to take photos and videos of your awesome new skills.

Student showcase performances and other public activities are likely to be photographed and/or recorded. Anyone attending (there are mirrors, you know) or performing will likely end up on someone’s Facebook or YouTube channel…and possibly ours.

Security Cameras

For the safety of our clients, security cameras may be in place at each entrance to the studio.