If we have learned anything in the past year, it’s that human connection is so important. We are able to make short term sacrifices to personal comfort and freedom but, man, it’s hard to do it alone. I miss my friends and family. I miss seeing people’s smiles. A Zoom call is nice but it’s not quite the same. I read an article once that stated that humans need twelve meaningful touches every day at a minimum for mental health. And we know how important our mind is to our physical wellbeing.

The importance of physical touch was the primary thing that drew me to the profession of physical therapy, and over the past 20 years, I have been able to provide healing touch to thousands of patients. Early in 2020, I was in a horseback riding accident and sustained multiple orthopedic injuries and fractures. Above is a photo of us two months before the accident. (Pepper Jack is fine, by the way. He was happy to meet the sheriff and first responders.) I am healing remarkable well but I am no longer able to perform the essential functions of my job as a PT and as of December 31, 2020, I am “retired” from my day job. I am now free to devote more time and energy to nurturing Carousel (my Happy Place).

It’s all new and different and kind of scary…but when I step inside the cocoon of our studio, the atmosphere is different. I feel a little strut in my step. Tension eases just a bit and I feel stronger, bolder, more confident. As I strap on my heels, unroll my mat, feel the silks in my hands or the smooth steel of the pole, I know that I have a community of sisters that support me and clients that rely on me to keep them safe.

We are not immune to struggles but we can help each other to rise above them. Together.

–Lady K