While I understand the importance of social distancing to prevent overwhelming our thinly stretched healthcare resources, I am seriously missing some pole time and my community of friends at the studio. Waiting is really hard. I am looking forward to a sweet reunion where we can release all the pent-up SASS! I feel a party brewing.

Memberships have been suspended but will be reinstated when the Safer at Home order is rescinded.

In the meantime, I have re-watched the Super Bowl half-time show, explored pole competitions on YouTube, reviewed video of our own student and staff showcase performances and dreamed up choreography for future routines. It seems that Carousel instructors have been dreaming and scheming as well. They have some awesome ideas for classes when we are finally free to fly again.

One exciting new offering that is planned is the Post-COVID Flight School. It will be a four week series designed to regain strength, flexibility and muscle memory for pole moves, tricks, spins and transitions—skills that are firmly in the “use it or lose it” category. I will keep you posted.

Please take care of yourselves, nurture your inner diva and create habits that feed your mind, body and soul. You are beautiful, powerful and sexy.

In the waiting,
— Lady K —