Inspiration for the FREE Breast Cancer Survivor Class

How many ladies do you know who have or have had breast cancer?

My mom had it. My aunt had it. A coworker. Friends from church. Scared. Hurt. Haunted. But not alone and not hopeless.

It is wonderful that many of us are surrounded by supportive friends and family, but that is not enough. Every woman has an intimate, personal struggle that is hers alone. Even on the days she feels like she can’t crawl out of bed, let alone look at herself in the mirror; those are the days she most needs support…fresh air…movement…a sister who understands and “gets” her.

In 2001, I was “given” six months to live! While not breast cancer, I too am a survivor with my own physical and emotional scars. As a physical therapist, I have pursued women’s health, oncology, and lymphedema specializations. As the new owner of a women’s fitness studio, I have the opportunity to come alongside other women in their pain…in their recovery…helping them through the now…and helping them into their future with purpose and confidence.

If you know someone who has been touched with this disease, please invite them to our free class. If you are someone who has or has had it, please, please come! We are able to modify all exercises to push you, to stretch you—just enough. Our magical mirrors possess the power to show you how beautiful you really, truly are—scars and all!

Join us on Thursdays at 5:30 pm. No commitment. Just fun folks in a fun place who want to help you to enjoy being you. We can help you get your sparkle back and fully embrace the new and improved YOU.

You deserve this.

Welcome, Warrior.

— Lady K —

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